Valentina Schulz

Valentina Schulz is a youtuber and is also a former participant in the reality show MasterChef Junior, since 2014 she has studied cooking and almost won the reality show being one of the last to be eliminated. On her channel, she makes videos about challenges, tags, talks about recipes, shares some of her daily life, … Read more

Tata Estaniecki

Tata Estaniecki is a youtuber who has a channel with her own name, she is also part of the Nosso Canal channel, in addition she is married to fellow youtuber Cocielo from Canal Canalha and together they also have a channel called Tacielo, which is junction of the two’s names, there they share things about … Read more

Karol Queiroz

Karol Queiroz is a youtuber who created the channel that has her own name, she records personal vlog videos, famous tags, facts about me, beauty tips, and others. She has already launched a liquid lipstick, and also has an online clothing store called Not So Trash Store, which is very successful.

Lorrayne Mavromatis

Lorrayne Mavromatis is a youtuber who was born in Brazil, but at the age of seven she moved to the United States, she started making videos on Youtube in 2014, currently she is married to David, a medical student, and is living in Salt Lake City in the United States.

Nil Moretto

Nil Moretto is a youtuber who owns the channel called CadĂȘ a Chave, along with her husband Leon Martins, on the channel they show the couple’s routine through vlogs, currently the two are living together in Canada, and in addition to being youtubers they also have a store that sells sweatshirts and t-shirts.


Biografia da Anitta

Anitta started out in funk singing music, her first big hit was “Show das Podererosas”, with such talent, and an incredible voice, the singer went to POP, very influenced by the fans. Nowadays, besides being the most famous Brazilian singer and with the highest cache, she has a very well built career outside of Brazil, … Read more